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Ukraine & Russia have had mutual values of cultural, linguistic, historical, and familial links for more than 100 years. The cause of the ongoing conflict is the balance of power in the region, Ukraine's bid for NATO membership & Russian interest in the Black sea. Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022 & caused loss of human lives, damage to the public & private properties, destruction of resources & Havoc to the shipping industry is not an exception. The situation between the nations is getting worst with the passing days. The Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in setbacks in the global shipping industry. This article is concerned about the maritime issues that arise due to the violations & mitigating its effects. 

The tug of war between Russia & Ukraine caused devastating effects on global shipping amounts to 80% of the world trade. Shipping vessels struck in the Ukrainian ports are at risk to set ablaze. Crew members are restricted to leave from the ship to which they were assigned & running out of drinking water, food supply & other essential commodities that makes their survival onerous. Seafarers become prisoners in their shipping vessels & unable to return home. Crude oil prices & bunker fuel raised by 20% globally. There is a disruption in the global supply chain because Russia & Ukraine are the most important grain, minerals, gas & oil trader. The Ship insurance premium rises as a result of war. Maritime ports were closed in Ukraine & cargo loading & unloading has ended. Many shipping vessels were bombarded by the Russian missiles & mines in the Black Sea. Onboard cargos are brought back to the sender without delivering the consignments due to sanctions imposed by the nations.

Russia is isolated from the rest of the world as many nations imposed sanctions and closed their ports to Russian vessels. The British government imposed sanctions on the arrival of Russian shipping vessels in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, European Union no longer allowed them to call on Russian Vessels in their ports. Ukraine ports were closed because of the sudden calamity in the country. Maritime insurers red-listed Russian & Ukrainian territories in the Black Sea & Sea of Azov which makes the sailing of ships expensive & difficult through the water. The world’s largest shipping company based in Switzerland, Mediterranean Shipping Company & other major shipping companies suspended all container traffic to & from Russia. Shipping companies engaged in supplying only humanitarian deliveries such as food & supplies.

Russia pervades Ukraine for its benefits but analyzing the current scenarios conflicting nations are paying off either for their sins or for protecting their civilians. One is suffering for killing innocent citizens of a country & destruction of resources while the other is struggling to protect their citizens & resources. An immediate ceasefire is required to achieve the ultimate objective of peace.   

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