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A Step towards Seafarers recognition in social life

We,seafarers are deemed to be second line of defense.We remained committed to keep worldwide supply chain moving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.However most of the worldwide authority doesn’t recognize us. Even maritime authority took time to get keyworker recognition during to COVID-19 pandemic by few countries.

World thinks a Mariners job is all about money, fun, and frolic. Sad to say that media, Shipping bodies or Government have never highlighted the perils, the inner strength, and the sacrifices of sailors and their families.

Seafarers have Zero recognition in public and in social life due erratic implementation of uniform code.Uniform is an essential part for public recognition in addition to professional pride.

Most of personal in uniform like Defence, Police, Guards, doctor, lawyer and other are travelling in uniform while reporting on / off duty, which is not mandatory. But they do, to keep public / social recognition alive. Any person in uniform is always respected, even a building security guard.

Why not us Mariners?  Where is the hitch?

Merchant Navy alsohasuniform and being provided from the first day induction to sea training academy.Butour academy institution fails to generate passion, discipline. Hence we are reluctant to wear uniform while on duty. Each one of us is responsible for the denigration of values and absolute invisibility of the professions name. 

There shouldn’t be hesitation or a complex in wearing it whilst joining and signing off too, to slack attitudes towards the grooming of juniors- work knowledge, ethics, intra department relations and respect towards all seniority.Lack of unity is the main reason since our voice is singularly. Everyone takes us for ride. Tragedy is our own colleague, when changes his mind set on arrival ashore.

Our institute didn’t gave us forced discipline for uniform, but we can follow self-discipline and wear uniform from leaving home to till safely back home. We must start this on our own if not the companies or regulations.

Our recognitions are in our hand. We muststand as “One Team” and wear proper uniform from start of journey to join ship till end of travel back home.

Wear uniform with pride. Let the world know that we are the Mariners who brave mighty storms to ensure that world's goods reach their homes due to our hard work and sacrifices. These are the only weapons we carry to get recognition.

The seafarers are also at the frontline to represent the company and their branding.All senior staff must lead the way to implement uniform policy onboard and convey company expectations abide by the policy.

Let's make it viral on social media and other platform.  One person wears the rest will follow. Argue shore based mariner to face media in uniform for any interview or speech. Uniform is not only for training academy cadets and faculty.  It’s the professional pride and the etiquettes that is befitting of a merchant navy officer’s from a great institution.

Let’s take oath,I will wear uniform while engaged in marine duty & responsibility.

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