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By Sea and Coast | 03/03/2021

Overview of carbon emissions around the world

Carbon emission simply means the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. When it comes to carbon emission, many different definitions come to mind, but carbon emission is actually talking about greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions as they are usually calculated as carbon dioxide equivalents, any global In the warming or greenhouse effect debate often "carbon emission or carbon emission" It is called. In addition, carbon molecules in the vast majority of greenhouse gases are encountered. For example, out of six gases accepted as greenhouse gases in the Kyoto Protocol, four There are carbon molecules in grain (carbon dioxide, methane, hydrofluoride carbons, perfluoro

carbons). The main reasons for the increase in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in the world are;

➢ Uncontrolled population growth
➢ Industrialization
➢ Increase in global energy demand
➢ Increasing need for urbanization
➢ Reduction of green areas
➢It is the uncontrolled release of greenhouse gases to the nature.
Human-induced greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere, especially the industry that started in the 1850s started to increase with the revolution. As a result, an increase in global energy demand. It has been observed that natural resources (especially fossil fuels) A serious increase in its use has been observed.
Demand for fossil fuels by 2050, according to the projections of the International Energy Agency and accordingly, an increase of 130% in carbon emission values will be observed. In addition, according to the estimates of the International Energy Agency, the next twenty years In the process, an increase in global surface temperatures of around 0.5 ° C is expected. When we look at the air temperatures, the global weather in the period from the 19th century until today temperature increased by 0.3-0.6 oC on average and the greenhouse effect in the coming years all gases will continue to increase exponentially, such as global warming and climate change. major problems will become greater threats to the world in the coming years Problems such as increasing emission values, environmental pollution, climate change and this After the negative effects of the problems on living life are noticed, all An environmental awareness has begun to form around the world. In this context, greenhouse gas and Many steps have been taken to prevent environmental pollution. As a first step, in 1979 The First World Climate Conference was held in Geneva. Mainly in Geneva and Rio Conferences have been held in various parts of the world and various decisions have been taken. In rio
In the United Nations Environment and Development Conference "Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ”has been signed. The purpose of the contract is the carbon in the air climate change and to prevent environmental pollution to keep it level. Emission value for the controls of their goals, fulfillment of obligations in order to examine whether it has been brought every year "Conference of the Parties" started to be regulated. It as part of conferences, 1997 in Kyoto, Japan a protocol has been signed. Kyoto Protocol in 1997 despite signing February 16 The protocol came into force in 2005 with the acceptance of the protocol by Russia (the protocol protocol of 55 countries responsible for at least 55% of the carbon emission amount must confirm)
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