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Capt. Vinod Naveen
By Sea and Coast | 07/05/2020

Mankind, The price we had to pay for social responsibility

Mankind has been going about things for its own convenience for last many decades, ignoring the nature's call many a times , at times mankind even has been so selfish in thinking and doing things considering that this Earth and everything on it only belonged only to them and nothing and nobody else ever existed on it.

It didn't take much time for an unseen unheard never before experienced virus to stop this spinning world and bring it down to a standstill situation and literally bringing mankind to its knees.Nature always have had its way of paying back and has had the last laugh whenever mankind went overboard and this was no exemption but certainly much severe than ever before. Well, whenever the problem is of serious nature,it's time to go back to the roots and find out the root cause. So where was the beginning, The beginning was the creation of this wonderful and beautiful world created for all living beings be it the plants , the animals or the mankind.It belonged to the smallest of smallest creatures to the biggest ones but equally.This was required for the balance of our world .Every living creature had equal rights and all were equal stake holders of this wonderful creation full of life.Created to self sustain and survive with natural resources in abundance, never running out but self replenishing as the nature went about its duty quietly and satisfyingly for all the living creatures. But it had given the responsibility to custodians of this world with the duty of preserving life on earth for every passing generations with responsibility and duty shared among those using the resources and finally passing it on to the generations that come by. It was an unwritten law and a mutual understanding between Nature and it's living creatures including Mankind The plants , the animals and almost every other creature other than mankind discharged this duty more so as a responsibility.

But mankind had other plans. We wanted to give a make over to this world and make it even more beautiful and develop a world which nobody has seen, heard or experienced.It was more on imganiation of individuals and groups, in the name of development we just went about doing our things based on those imganinations and the rest just followed it more so blindly... The development went from one to anotheir and in the name of development initally even we did not realise that we were causing more harm to the nature and causing more destruction than development.

Development then gave way to comfort and personalised interest, the interest of the society and world taking back seat .mankind started unearthing things buried deep down the earth which our ancestors never touched ...for them it was a hidden natural treasure which was supposed to be left where it is to keep to the balance of this world. But we never was bothered about the balance , for us it was comfort in the name of development. Cutting trees, polluting the rivers and sea, carelessly choking the air with poisonous gases, discharging all the waste generated without any consideration, generating harmful radiation into the atmospheric, killing animals, shooting down birds, eating other creatures for our pleasure.... the list is endless...we just threw the nature's call out of the window , carelessly, least bothered of the much so that we became aggressive in our approach taking this world for granted and into our hands. The other living creatures were treated mercilessly, trees were chopped in large numbers, forest were cut down in the name of civilization..animals were locked inside closed cages curtailing their freedom of movement.

Nature was bleeding and was giving enough signs to mankind to stop all this mistreatment and adhere to preserving the nature and this beautiful world which was the responsibility bestowed upon mankind but the way in which nature was being handled by mankind was such that nothing was left behind for the generations to come. Nature had to step in many times to try and send this message across to mankind to stop what they were doing introspect and give due considerations to all living creatures Floods, earthquakes, virus in many forms, heavy rainfall etc were some forms in which nature was trying to retaliate Though mankind suffered heavy losses including death to many just didn't buckle.

Infact by now mankind considered the nature as some other thing and fellow human being as somebody else...yes we had become self centric and what's around never bothered us more than what is within oneself..
Now what we are going through the spread of Corona virus is social distancing and isolation.Nature has forced us back to our homes not letting us even step out to nature, not even allowing us to feel our touch the nature Can there be a more severe punishment to mankind than this for not discharging mankind's social responsibility towards nature.
It time we took social responsibility more seriously , amongst all individuals of all ages all gender even making it part of our curriculum , yes the daily life's time for mankind to leave aside selfishness and treat this world with care as it belongs to All and let other creatures live with the same freedom as we would want to.its time to be more socially responsible..
if we don't then there will be nothing left for mankind and the nature will come back more strongly as no power can withstand the power of nature. As the wise man once said "live and Let Live.
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