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By Sea and Coast | 04/04/2020


Rights provided to women play an important role in the development of democracy in the globalizing world. Women s rights are also proof of the level of development of countries. The participation of women in the business world should be considered as an important element of development. The applications in the maritime sector in the world shows that gender discrimination and prejudice still exist today is for women. This prejudice and inequality of opportunity causes women to move away from the profession.

Gender discrimination against women in workplaces can occur not only in maritime but also in various professions such as law and aviation.

The roles imposed on men and women in many country cause discrimination between men and women. social lifestyle in worlds largely small income brought home, all winners of the family is based on a single model. While women played an important role in the fields such as women, agriculture and animal husbandry, especially in rural areas, due to their contribution to the labor force of women, today, active education of university graduates in many sectors causes out of shallow patterns in societies where there is an inadequate economic and socio-cultural structure. also reveals the phenomenon of gender discrimination and prejudice.

Gender discrimination in business life leads to inequality and injustice, which can occasionally be an advantage for men. Among the primary professions, which seem to be more suitable for women, men are preferred in upper positions such as the principal, even in professions such as teaching. Although many women have sufficient education and experience, they cannot be found in management levels especially in the private sector. It should be noted that women who find their place in the management positions are mostly based on their familiar relationship.

In many sectors, gender-based discrimination is very common in recruiting and promoting times. Most companies are recruiting younger, and preferably single, women with lower levels of education without career prospects.The main view that these evaluations are based on is the idea that the woman cannot give herself as the primary duty. We should exclude the thought of women as a mother and wife as a society.

Generally, it is considered as a reason that women still prioritize their household responsibilities, women do not decrease in the private sector despite their hard work in the private sector, even increasing their responsibilities in families, and therefore disruption of some activities such as night work, business meals, travels, etc. In fact, by nature, it can be a good manager as a result of enabling more active participation in the management by adopting compiler, regulatory, organizational and disciplinary features, but it is not difficult to say for today s business world that men do not like taking orders from women bases and mostly male managers are preferred.

We can say that female employees usually work on land and in various companies related to office and shipping. Although the number of women working on the ship is extremely low, it has increased in recent years. The difficulties that many women face especially during the internship cause them to cool down from the profession.Many companies do not employ women officers or interns.

As a result,

Maritime is of great importance for our world and our women are at least as valuable as our seas. In order to increase the women working in the maritime sector, it is necessary to eliminate social understandings and prejudices towards women, to operate democracy, to provide the same conditions as men, and to resolve this situation with education.