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China to Launch First Battery-Powered Cruise Ship with Zero Emissions
By Sea and Coast | 07/09/2023
According to the Chinese publication "China Daily," the vessel named "Shanghai Jiushi," equipped with a battery energy system overseen by Tian Yi, boasts 150 seats and operates with zero emissions.
This environmentally friendly vessel not only avoids contributing to pollution but also generates minimal noise, enhancing the overall experience for passengers.
The "Shanghai Jiushi" vessel is the result of independent research and development conducted by the Shanghai Institute of Marine Equipment Research, a subsidiary of China's government-owned shipbuilding company.
Measuring approximately 41.51 meters in length and 10.9 meters in width, the vessel was officially handed over to the operating firm in August. Ongoing preparations and licensing procedures are in progress, with plans for the vessel to recommence service later this year, as reported by the newspaper.
A report from China Ship News underscores that more than 50 tourist vessels currently operate on the Huangpu River in Shanghai, primarily relying on conventional fuels.
However, the integration of new engines in these vessels has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions, resulting in annual emissions reductions ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of metric tons.
Tian Yi also emphasized that initiatives like the "Shanghai Jiushi" project align with China's emission reduction and carbon neutrality objectives, while simultaneously supporting Shanghai's efforts to advance maritime sustainability.