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ASML Receives Dutch Government Approval to Export Advanced Chip Tools to Chinese Customers Through Year-End
By Sea and Coast | 02/09/2023
ASML, a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer, has confirmed reports from Chinese media that it has obtained licenses from the Dutch government. These licenses grant ASML the authority to export certain advanced tools to customers in China until the end of this year.
This move was necessitated by the requirement to seek approval for the export of its most sophisticated technology, a regulation introduced in June as part of an agreement with the United States. The U.S. has been focused on limiting Beijing's capability to manufacture its own chips due to security concerns.
ASML, Europe's most valuable technology firm, holds a dominant position in the market for lithography equipment. This equipment employs minute beams of light to facilitate the creation of chip circuitry.
A spokesperson for ASML has confirmed that the company will be permitted to continue shipping its products in the NXT:2000i and more advanced DUV models, which became subject to restrictions starting from September 1st. This authorization extends until the conclusion of 2023.
The DUV machines, which employ lightwaves in the deep ultraviolet light spectrum, represent ASML's second-tier product line. It's noteworthy that the company's most advanced machines, known as 'extreme ultraviolet' or EUV machines, have never been made available to Chinese customers.
In light of these developments, a company spokesperson has emphasized that their customers are aware of the export control regulations. Consequently, it is expected that after January 1, 2024, ASML is unlikely to receive export licenses for these systems, particularly for shipment to domestic Chinese customers.