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USNS Navajo, First Ship of New Navajo Class, to be Christened by U.S. Navy
By Sea and Coast | 30/08/2023
US Navy to Christen First Vessel in Navajo Class Honoring Native American Contributions
The U.S. Navy is preparing to christen the inaugural vessel in the Navajo Class, USNS Navajo, as a tribute to the remarkable contributions of Native Americans to the nation's armed forces. The vessel, designed for salvage, towing, and rescue operations, will be formally commissioned in Louisiana during a ceremony scheduled for Saturday.
The Navajo Class comprises a total of ten ships, each named to honor different Indigenous nations, including the Muscogee Creek and Cherokee, among others.
In 2019, then-Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer introduced the new ship class, emphasizing the valiant contributions of Native Americans across numerous significant conflicts since the inception of the nation.
Senator John McCain, the late representative from Arizona, played a pivotal role in advocating for the construction of the Navajo Class ships.