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Partial Resumption of Ship Traffic in Dardanelles as Turkey Gains Control Over Fire
By Sea and Coast | 26/08/2023
Turkey's Dardanelles Strait Reopens as Fire in Canakkale Region Subsides
On August 24, ship traffic has been restored to a single direction within Turkey's Dardanelles Strait, announced the country's forestry minister. The blaze that had been raging in the northwest Canakkale area has been successfully brought under control by firefighters.
The Dardanelles Strait, serving as a crucial passage between the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea to the north, facilitates the transportation of essential commodities like oil and grains.
To combat the fire, over 150 ships were held at both the north and south entrances of the strait on the previous evening, allowing helicopters and planes to collect water for firefighting purposes.
Forestry Minister Ibrahim Yumakli shared with reporters that the fire was subdued within 48 hours. He also expressed relief that no lives were lost in the incident.
Throughout Thursday, aerial vehicles will continue cooling operations. Ship traffic has resumed in the Dardanelles Strait, albeit only in one direction. However, the specific direction wasn't specified.
According to shipping agency Tribeca, northbound ships received permission to traverse the Dardanelles after 0800 GMT on Thursday.
After nightfall on Wednesday, helicopters and ground vehicles worked diligently to control the fire. Ship traffic was briefly restored for a few hours before being halted again shortly after midnight GMT.
The fire ignited in Canakkale province on Tuesday and was exacerbated by high temperatures, dry air, and strong winds. Evacuations were carried out for over 1,200 individuals from 11 villages in the fire's path. The fire affected 4,080 hectares (approximately 11861.06 acres) of forest and agricultural land. Despite the extensive damage, there were no reported casualties.
Footage from the news depicted abandoned houses engulfed in flames and smoke billowing across hills, visible from nearby residential areas.