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Innovative Partnership between OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping Sets Sail Towards Sustainable Shipping Solutions
By Sea and Coast | 22/08/2023
In a groundbreaking development for the maritime industry, Norwegian companies OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping AS (PGS) have inked a Letter of Intent to collaborate on an ambitious project involving a series of cutting-edge Ultramax vessels. The collaboration, which spans multiple phases, aims to not only revolutionize shipping but also contribute to environmental conservation.
Headquartered in Oslo and established in 2023, Pherousa Green Shipping AS is making waves by initiating an order for up to six ultramodern, zero-emission Ultramax dry bulk carriers. These innovative vessels are designed by the renowned Finnish company, Deltamarin. The initial ship design draws from Deltamarin's Ultramax model but incorporates an ingenious twist - it integrates the ammonia cracking technology developed by Pherousa Green Technologies AS (PGT). This revolutionary technology hinges on ammonia as a hydrogen carrier, enabling genuine zero-emission propulsion.
The collaboration between PGS and OSM Thome will span various phases, including Drawing Approval, Project Development, and Site Supervision, ultimately leading to the realization of six 63000 dwt Ultramax Bulk Carriers. In addition to these crucial aspects, OSM Thome will also take the helm in managing the crew and overseeing the technical operations of the constructed vessels.
Chairman of the Pherousa Group, Hans Bredrup, expressed his excitement over the partnership, emphasizing that OSM Thome's involvement guarantees the establishment of top-notch safety measures and protocols well in advance of vessel delivery. This proactive approach not only ensures safe handling at sea but also underscores the commitment towards sustainability in the maritime sector.
The initial fleet of six Ultramax dry bulk carriers will be tailored to cater to the global copper industry. Recognizing copper's pivotal role in global decarbonization efforts, the industry has set ambitious emission reduction targets that encompass the often-overlooked Scope 3 emissions - those associated with transportation to end users. PGS's fleet concept has gained significant traction and backing, with active engagement with key stakeholders in both the ammonia supply chain and potential vessel end-users. This surge of momentum is propelling the vision of zero-emission copper transportation forward, fostering an entirely carbon-neutral supply chain from mines to final destinations.
Tommy Olofsen, Chief Commercial Officer of OSM Thome, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating that the merger of OSM Maritime Group and Thome Group earlier in the year has facilitated the consolidation of their strengths to provide enhanced benefits for their clientele. Olofsen highlighted their anticipation in working closely with PGS to ensure the seamless supervision and management of the project, culminating in the creation of sustainable and impactful transportation solutions.
This collaboration not only marks a significant stride towards realizing sustainable shipping but also underscores the maritime industry's commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly solutions. With a focus on zero-emission propulsion and a holistic approach to safety and sustainability, OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping are sailing towards a greener future for the maritime sector.