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Astomos Energy Teams Up with Maersk Tankers to Elevate VLGC Fleet Efficiency and Performance
By Sea and Coast | 22/08/2023
Astomos Energy, a prominent player in the Japanese liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution and trading industry, has made a strategic move by appointing Maersk Tankers as the voyage manager for a fleet of five very large gas carriers (VLGCs). This significant collaboration aims to optimize vessel operations, enhance fuel efficiency, and streamline claims handling processes.
Maersk Tankers, renowned for its expertise in commercial tanker operations, introduced its standalone voyage management service in April 2023. As part of this service, the company provides comprehensive support from the moment a vessel is fixed for a voyage, all the way through its successful execution, until the voyage books are closed. This venture with Astomos Energy will extend its involvement to managing a total of 12 gas carriers owned by two different companies.
The partnership is poised to bring about remarkable economic and environmental benefits. By leveraging Maersk Tankers' expertise, Astomos Energy aims to optimize its fleet's performance, resulting in greater operational efficiency. Furthermore, the collaboration aligns with Astomos Energy's commitment to environmental sustainability. Kei Sakaguchi, General Manager of Supply and Trading at Astomos Energy, emphasized the joint pursuit of both efficient operations and environmental goals.
Aditya Trehan, Head of Operations at Maersk Tankers, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and underscored the company's eagerness to contribute its knowledge and experience to various vessel types and segments. The collaboration aligns seamlessly with Maersk Tankers' recent endeavors, including the establishment of a knowledge hub aimed at advancing decarbonization efforts within the shipping industry.
This partnership also aligns with Astomos Energy's broader goals related to sustainability and innovation. The company has been a driving force in Japan's efforts to achieve a "Carbon Neutral Society by 2050." Astomos Energy previously introduced Japan's first LPG-fueled VLGC in 2021 as part of its contribution to this national initiative. The establishment of the "Green Business Development Office" further underscores its long-term commitment to building a low-carbon society.