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Two Indians Left Stranded on Cargo Ship Off Maldives Without Wages and Supplies
By Sea and Coast | 22/08/2023
For the past 13 months, the Indian cargo vessel "MV Puravalan 1" has been stuck in Maldivian waters. The ship's crew, hailing from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, has been requesting permission to leave the vessel, but their pleas have been ignored by the operating firm.
Despite spending over a year on the vessel, the crew members have not received their salaries. The ship is currently anchored around three miles from the My Bandharu port in Malé and is intended to sail to Tuticorin.
A crew member stated that they were initially informed that more crew members would join and the vessel would sail to India. However, even after two months, no additional crew members arrived. When the crew member requested to leave the ship, the management adamantly refused.
Despite the addition of four Sri Lankan crew members, the ship remained unable to commence its journey.
Multiple complaints were lodged with relevant Indian authorities, and action against the operating firm was mandated on Tuesday. The firm offered compensation of USD 1,000 for each crew member.
An official from the operating firm clarified that the vessel's predicament in Malé is due to orders issued by the Maldivian Civil Court. The official refuted claims that the crew lacked essential fuel and food, assuring that salaries would be paid, and the crew members would soon set sail for India.