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India's Naval Capability Receives Significant Boost with Construction of 5 Fleet Support Ships Worth 20,000 Crore
By Sea and Coast | 19/08/2023
The Indian Navy is set to receive a substantial capability enhancement as the Central Government sanctioned the construction of five Fleet Support Ships (FSS) valued at Rs. 20,000 crore, according to ANI.
These vessels will play a pivotal role in replenishing naval warships at sea by providing essential supplies like ammunition, fuel, and provisions.
The responsibility for building the five FSS has been assigned to Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL), a Visakhapatnam-based state-run organization.
During a high-level meeting on Wednesday, the Central government provided the final clearance for the project, which is estimated to cost around Rs. 20,000 crore.
The HSL will collaborate with various Indian private sector media and small enterprises to construct the five Fleet Support Ships, as stated by an official source.
The approval for the project comes after a series of delays spanning over nine years. The initial proposal for the FSS project was put forward in 2014.
However, the project encountered multiple setbacks. This was due to considerable differences between HSL and the Korean design consultant firm Hyundai Heavy Industries at the time. Additionally, issues arose with the Turkey-based shipyard TAIS due to Turkey's stance on Jammu and Kashmir after the amendment of Article 370.
The project is expected to create numerous job opportunities over an extended period and enhance the capabilities of various industries associated with the undertaking.
Each of these ships will have an approximate weight of 45,000 tons and is projected to be delivered within an eight-year timeframe.