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World's First Green Fuel Vessel Arrives at SCZONE's East Port Said Port
By Sea and Coast | 18/08/2023
It has been announced that the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) has welcomed the world's first container ship that is powered by green energy into its port. The vessel embarked on its journey from Asia, traversed Africa, passed through the Arab Republic of Egypt, and continued on to Europe.
The container ship docked at the East Port Said port, recognized as one of the globe's top 10 ports according to the latest report from the World Bank. This arrival underscores the shipping lines' confidence in SCZONE's ports. This confidence is particularly driven by the impressive development of the ports within SCZONE and Egyptian ports in general. These advancements are a direct result of Egypt's economic strategy aimed at enhancing national capabilities and optimizing their utilization.
The East Port Said port, a component of SCZONE, is currently experiencing substantial development efforts. These initiatives are reflected in the port's performance metrics. SCZONE has entered contracts for the entire berth areas of the port, and expansions are in progress to attract additional projects. Furthermore, there is a strategic integration between the port and the industrial zone situated in East Port Said. This zone is fully prepared to host several significant projects in the near future.