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NYK Set to Create Japan's Inaugural Bunkering Boom for Ammonia
By Sea and Coast | 18/08/2023
NYK and TB Global Technologies Ltd. (TBG), a renowned Japanese manufacturer of cargo handling equipment for liquids such as crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG), signed a foundational agreement on August 16 to work on establishing Japan's first ammonia bunkering boom. This device facilitates the transfer of ammonia fuel between vessels.
The joint effort by NYK and TBG aims to substantially enhance the safety of ammonia supply to ships, given ammonia's high toxicity. By incorporating TBG’s technology, the partners seek to prevent any leakage of the liquid. Ammonia is considered a contributor to ship decarbonization due to its carbon dioxide (CO2)-free combustion.
The TBG will have access to data relating to NYK's ammonia bunkering vessel (ABV), which obtained ClassNK Approval in Principle (AiP) in September 2022*. Additionally, NYK will share insights garnered from operating Japan’s pioneering LNG bunkering vessel, Kaguya, managed by Central LNG Marine Fuel Japan Corporation, an NYK affiliate.
A bunkering boom is made up of rigid pipes and hoses that connect one ship to another, allowing for fuel transfer. Its robustness results from rigid pipe construction, and swivel joints afford flexibility for directional changes, ensuring ease of operation. This collaborative endeavor will leverage TBG’s technology to address the primary challenge in ammonia fuel supply—preventing leakage when the bunkering boom is rapidly released from a vessel during emergencies, such as natural disasters.
NYK introduced the NYK GREEN EARTH brand, emphasizing the company's commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. The brand underscores NYK's focus on generating new value through green initiatives like developing next-generation fuels for low carbon and decarbonization efforts.