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Terntank Commences Construction of Cutting-edge Wind and Methanol-Ready Hybrid Tankers
By Sea and Coast | 12/08/2023
China Merchants Jingling Shipyard has officially initiated the groundbreaking construction phase of an innovative fleet of hybrid tankers, combining wind and methanol propulsion systems, for the esteemed Swedish shipping company, Terntank. This notable milestone was marked by the ceremonial first steel cut for these cutting-edge vessels on June 10th at the prominent Chinese shipyard.
These visionary vessels, belonging to the esteemed Hybrid Solution Plus series, hold the promise of a transformative impact on maritime emissions. By harnessing the power of methanol-powered engines, wind-assisted propulsion, a state-of-the-art hybrid battery system, and the utilization of onshore power infrastructure, Terntank aims to spearhead a substantial reduction in their carbon footprint and environmental impact.
Building upon the success and lessons learned from the previous AVIC SERIES vessels, Terntank has incorporated innovative improvements into this new fleet, further emphasizing their commitment to environmental stewardship. Notably, these enhancements are projected to result in an impressive 48% reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to conventional tanker vessels.
The inclusion of wind-assisted propulsion is expected to contribute an 8% reduction in emissions, amplifying the vessels' eco-efficiency. Moreover, Terntank's strategic adoption of methanol as a low-carbon fuel aligns seamlessly with their ambition to fast-track their journey towards achieving net-zero emissions. This dual-pronged approach is a testament to Terntank's dedication to sustainable shipping practices and their pivotal role in driving industry-wide change.
The hybrid tankers, thoughtfully tailored to optimize the transport of bio-feedstocks to refineries and facilitate the efficient loading of finished goods to depots, represent a tangible embodiment of Terntank's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.
Terntank's visionary approach extends beyond the vessels themselves. The company has enlisted the expertise of Norwegian technology provider, Kongsberg Maritime, who will be instrumental in delivering cutting-edge design, engineering, and equipment for these remarkable methanol-ready, wind-assisted tankers. This strategic collaboration underscores Terntank's determination to leverage the best available technology to achieve their environmental objectives.
Moreover, the notable partnership agreements with North European Oil Trade (NEOT) and Neste earlier this year, alongside the recognition garnered by Terntank's Hybrid Tanker 15,000dwt newbuildings at the prestigious Nor-Shipping event, signify the industry's acknowledgment of Terntank's pioneering efforts and their embodiment of sustainable maritime practices.
As the maritime sector navigates the waters of sustainability, Terntank's visionary initiative in spearheading the development of these groundbreaking hybrid tankers stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the industry's potential to transform and lead the way towards a more environmentally conscious future. The first vessel from this remarkable fleet is anticipated to make its debut in March 2025, marking a momentous step towards a cleaner and greener maritime industry.