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A 70-year-old Turkish seaman was discovered dead in a ship that was anchored in Chalkida Port
By Sea and Coast | 10/08/2023
A dead body was found on a cargo ship that was anchored in the port of Chalkida on Sunday, August 6. This sparked great uproar in Evia. The 70-year-old cook was a sailor, according to the Coast Guard. On a cargo ship flying the Palau flag, he was spotted.
In his cabin, the man was found to be unconscious. While the EKAV was alerted, pertinent Port Authority of Chalkida employees came. The seafarer was picked up by an EKAV ambulance and taken directly to the Chalkida General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
The Turkish sailor's death appears to be pathological at this point, according to accounts from the local media.
The Central Port Authority (Chalkida) has begun an investigation. The Medical Forensic Service of Athens has also been tasked with conducting an autopsy, which will help explain the circumstances behind the old sailor's passing.