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Hafnia Joins Methanol-Powered Maritime Revolution in Partnership with TotalEnergies for Greener Seas
By Sea and Coast | 09/08/2023
Singapore-based maritime company Hafnia is making bold strides towards a greener future by embracing methanol-powered vessels, in a move backed by TotalEnergies. The company recently inked a deal with China's Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) and Socatra of France to commission four 49,800 deadweight dual-fuel methanol chemical IMOII Medium-Range (MR) tankers. This strategic investment aligns seamlessly with Hafnia's commitment to sustainability and their vision for a more environmentally friendly maritime sector.
Methanol, touted as a cleaner alternative marine fuel, offers a promising pathway to achieve stringent emissions targets set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for 2050. By opting for methanol propulsion, Hafnia aims to significantly curtail the release of pollutants, including Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), and Particulate Matter (PM), thus contributing to a healthier marine ecosystem.
One of the key highlights of this initiative is the elimination of approximately 100% of CO2 emissions on a tank-to-wake basis, in stark contrast to conventional marine fuels. This decision holds great promise for mitigating the maritime industry's carbon footprint and, consequently, its impact on climate change.
Scheduled for delivery between 2025 and 2026, three of these innovative vessels will grace the seas in 2025, while the fourth will join their ranks in 2026. All four ships are destined for Time-Charter service with TotalEnergies' shipping entity CSSA, securing a multi-year commitment that underscores the practical viability of this greener approach.
Hafnia's collaboration with TotalEnergies marks a continuation of their shared efforts to spearhead low-carbon shipping solutions. Søren Steenberg Jensen, Head of Hafnia’s Asset Management, emphasizes the importance of proactive action to tackle carbon emissions and the necessity of partnerships with charterers to make the financial aspects feasible.
TotalEnergies, in sync with the International Maritime Organization's ambitious decarbonization goals, is enthusiastic about the methanol propulsion of the chartered MR tankers. This strategic choice amplifies their capacity to steer the decarbonization of their shipping operations, a goal tightly aligned with their corporate ambitions.
Furthermore, this collaboration with Hafnia and Socatra reflects TotalEnergies' commitment to capitalizing on their partners' expertise to ensure the safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious operation of their fleet.
Hafnia's embrace of methanol as a marine fuel signifies a pivotal step towards a more sustainable shipping industry. Their investment in these state-of-the-art vessels sends a resounding message that forward-thinking companies are taking concrete measures to address climate change and reshape the future of maritime transportation. As the global maritime sector sets its sights on greener horizons, Hafnia's innovative move places them at the helm of this transformative journey.