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ARPA Joins International Chamber of Shipping
By Sea and Coast | 08/08/2023
The Association of Panamanian Shipowners (ARPA) has taken a significant stride towards fortifying Panama's maritime industry by recently securing its status as an associate member of the esteemed International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). This momentous development, occurring on August 8, 2023, is poised to catalyze collaborative efforts in tackling critical industry-wide challenges.
Launched in 2020 with a resolute objective to bolster Panama's shipping sector, ARPA has swiftly evolved into a formidable force uniting shipowners and operators of vessels. The association's induction into the ICS represents a pivotal juncture in their journey, facilitating the establishment of strategic relationships across the maritime spectrum.
The maritime industry is faced with a plethora of collective issues that demand concerted action. Piracy, seafarer welfare, training, digitization, automation, and decarbonization constitute a complex tapestry of concerns that transcend geographical boundaries. ARPA's affiliation with ICS opens the gateway for synergistic endeavors in quest of innovative solutions to these challenges.
The Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping, Guy Platten, expressed his delight at the inclusion of the Association of Panamanian Shipowners as an associate member. Platten emphasized the significance of collaboration in surmounting challenges that exceed the scope of individual entities, nations, or associations. The camaraderie between ICS and ARPA is poised to amplify ongoing efforts, ranging from decarbonization initiatives to seafarer training and the relentless pursuit of digitization.
The Executive Director of the Association of Panamanian Shipowners, Jose Digeronimo, affirmed the momentous nature of this partnership. By becoming an integral part of the International Chamber of Shipping, ARPA is well-positioned to perpetuate the sustainable growth of Panama's maritime sector. Digeronimo anticipates that this affiliation will facilitate robust communication channels among shipowners and member associations, not only within Panama's expansive ship registry landscape but on a global scale. The collaboration is anticipated to extend valuable benefits to shipowners worldwide.
A critical facet of ICS's purview is its longstanding engagement with the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). The continuous dialogue between these entities serves as a conduit for conveying the collective stance of the global shipping industry. This advocacy ensures that the interests of the maritime community are aptly addressed in policy realms intertwined with shipping canals.
Furthermore, the timeliness of ARPA's inclusion into ICS aligns seamlessly with Panama's commitment to environmentally conscious initiatives. The government of Panama embraced the Clean Energy Marine Hubs initiative during COP27, underscoring its dedication to accelerating the production, export, and import of low-carbon fuels on a global scale. This aligns harmoniously with the broader industry trajectory towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices.