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Migrant ship sinks off Tunisian coast, leaving 51 people missing and four dead
By Sea and Coast | 07/08/2023
Reuters: TUNISA judicial source told Reuters on Sunday that 51 people are still missing and at least four migrants have perished after a migrant ship capsized off the coast of Tunisia's Kerkennah island. The official added that all of the migrants onboard were from sub-Saharan Africa.
According to the interior minister of Tunisia, 901 drowned migrants' remains were retrieved off the country's shore between January 1 and July 20 of this year, a record-breaking figure.
This year's migratory surge is at a record high, and there have been numerous sinkings of boats carrying migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to the Italian shores.
In the region, Tunisia has displaced Libya as the principal entry point for migrants seeking asylum in Europe from poverty and violence in Africa and the Middle East.