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THE ICON: BMW and TYDE create cutting-edge watercraft for zero-emission urban transportation
By Sea And Coast | 21/05/2023
Particularly urban conurbations require brand-new, more environmentally friendly solutions that also make sense for the local population. THE ICON was created and is being realised by the boat maker TYDE. The design of the ground-breaking boat was developed in the Designworks studio, a BMW Group unit.
In this innovative idea, BMW makes use of already-existing knowledge and technology to develop a comprehensive offering of premium sustainable mobility in urban settings. The competence of boat maker TYDE is combined with the extensive experience of the BMW i brand in electric mobility. THE ICON also exhibits a forward-thinking vision of luxury in the shape of responsible pleasure with its future-focused design and locally emission-free drive system.
BMW continues to rethink mobility, as seen in THE ICON. This strategy encompasses the continuous development of electric transportation and the reduction of environmental footprints along the whole value chain. Participating in the field of urban transport management is also part of it. The BMW Group is working on solutions that will re-imagine urban mobility in a more sustainable form through its numerous partnerships with cities, colleges, businesses, and organisations, as well as in the fields of politics and society. Its goal is to leverage innovation to help meet people's requirements for transportation while also preserving urban areas' quality of life.