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Samsung Heavy Industries Reveals Innovative LNG Carrier and Containership Designs
By Seaandcoast | 20/05/2023
Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), the renowned South Korean shipbuilder, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking designs for LNG carriers and containerships during the prestigious "Samsung Technical Seminar in Athens" held in Greece. This momentous event, also known as the Samsung Technology Road Show, served as the perfect platform for SHI to introduce its cutting-edge innovations to industry professionals and stakeholders.
At the seminar, SHI proudly showcased two remarkable products: the "3 Cargo Tank LNGC" and the "Eco Container Ship." These revolutionary designs have the potential to revolutionize the maritime industry and set new standards for efficiency and sustainability.
The "3 Cargo Tank LNGC" is specifically engineered to enhance operational efficiency. By employing an innovative design methodology jointly developed with France's GTT, SHI has successfully improved the boil-off rate by an impressive 5% or more. This significant improvement translates into reduced maintenance costs, benefiting both the ship operators and the environment. Furthermore, Lloyd's Register of England has granted the design its coveted Approval in Principle (AiP), underscoring its adherence to stringent safety and quality standards.
In addition to the LNG carrier, SHI unveiled its visionary "Eco Container Ship" design. This groundbreaking concept introduces a novel approach to ship layout by incorporating a distinct separation between the operating section and the living area. This innovative design not only optimizes the utilization of space but also allows for the accommodation of approximately 8% more containers, resulting in increased cargo capacity. Furthermore, the "Eco Container Ship" has been purposefully engineered to enable propulsion with alternative fuels such as methanol and ammonia, demonstrating SHI's commitment to sustainability and future-proofing its vessels.
During the seminar, SHI went beyond unveiling its latest ship designs. The company also highlighted several other eco-friendly ship technologies that are gaining momentum in the industry. Topics such as carbon capture and storage technology, fuel cells, ammonia and hydrogen propulsion systems, and the development of autonomous and smart ships were extensively discussed. This comprehensive presentation provided valuable insights into the future of shipbuilding and set the stage for a blueprint of the emerging ship market.
As part of its global outreach, SHI has been actively engaging in technology marketing activities across Europe. In addition to Greece, the company has focused its efforts on the United Kingdom and Italy, showcasing its groundbreaking technologies and forging connections with potential customers. Jang Hae-ki, Head of SHI's Technology Development Headquarters and Vice President, emphasized the significance of technology roadshows in promoting SHI's innovations and establishing strong customer relationships. The positive response from shipping companies serves as a promising indicator of future orders and affirms SHI's position as a leading force in the shipbuilding industry.