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WinGD's Advanced X-DF2.0 Engines Empower NYK Line's Next-Generation LNG-Hybrid Car Carriers
By Seaandcoast | 20/05/2023
Swiss marine power company WinGD has successfully deployed its cutting-edge dual-fuel X-DF2.0 engines to provide propulsion for two state-of-the-art car carriers delivered to leading Japanese ship owner NYK Line. These LNG-hybrid vessels, equipped with advanced emissions reduction technology, energy management systems, and digital optimization solutions, represent a significant milestone in sustainable maritime transportation.
In a groundbreaking development, WinGD's X-DF2.0 engines have been selected to power the latest additions to NYK Line's fleet, revolutionizing the landscape of car carrier operations. The dual-fuel engines offer the flexibility to run on both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and diesel, providing enhanced efficiency and environmental performance.
The LNG-hybrid vessels, named Jasmine Leader and Wild Rose Leader, embody a comprehensive suite of WinGD solutions aimed at reducing emissions and optimizing energy consumption. At the heart of the energy ecosystem, the X-DF2.0 engines are complemented by WinGD's innovative technologies, including the X-DF2.0 Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER), X-EL Energy Manager, and WinGD integrated Digital Expert (WiDE).
The X-EL Energy Management system introduces a new level of sustainability by integrating two-stroke marine engine control into the electrified vessel power system. This integration expands the possibilities for vessel electrification, enhancing efficiency and reducing emissions. By leveraging advanced battery-hybrid power integration, the X-EL system optimizes energy usage and propels the industry towards a greener future.
Additionally, WiDE engine monitoring and diagnostics utilize a state-of-the-art digital twin to compare real-time operational data with the ideal behavior of the system. This cutting-edge technology enables the detection and diagnosis of any anomalies, providing crucial information to crew and onshore teams for troubleshooting and maintenance, ultimately ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Stefan Goranov, WinGD's General Manager of Sustainability Solutions, expressed his excitement about this significant achievement: "These vessels highlight our most comprehensive representation to date of our ecosystem of solutions. They represent significant firsts and milestones for WinGD." He further emphasized the holistic approach to vessel power and propulsion, underscoring the potential for efficiency gains and emissions reductions.
By integrating WinGD's advanced technologies, the 7,000 CEU pure car and truck carriers, Jasmine Leader and Wild Rose Leader, have achieved unparalleled energy efficiency. These vessels surpass the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) current greenhouse gas emission target for 2030 and are 40% more energy efficient than conventionally fueled ships within NYK Line's existing fleet. Such remarkable achievements underscore NYK Line's commitment to fleet renewal and its ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.
The successful delivery of Jasmine Leader and Wild Rose Leader represents a significant milestone in the partnership between WinGD and NYK Line. These vessels set new benchmarks in the maritime industry, demonstrating the viability and potential of LNG-hybrid technology in driving sustainable transportation solutions.
As WinGD continues to push the boundaries of marine propulsion technology, the collaboration with NYK Line paves the way for a greener, more efficient future for the global shipping industry. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability, both companies are working towards the common goal of decarbonized shipping and reduced environmental impact.