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Dispatches from Episode 4 of The Outlaw Ocean: The Clever Pipe.
By Seaandcoast | 20/05/2023
This occasion is the fourth portion in a 10- section short film series from The Expatriate Sea Task. It comes from over 10 times of publicizing by Ian Urbina probing wrongdoing on the high abysses. The series follows a gritty cast of characters, including manacled slaves, rovers, and mercenaries, bootleggers, and mercenaries. 
 oil painting tumbles that be by accident are big news. still, vessels designedly leave further oil painting every three times than the Exxon Valdez and BP spills combined. 
 This occasion looks into how some high- end voyage vessels constantly use Magic Pipes to remove poisonous waste below the water's face and how they infrequently get caught. In addition, we take a broader look at the history of jilting at ocean, the scourge of plastic pollution, and the harrowing ecological goods of environmental crimes that have only lately come to the attention of scientists.