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Release of VLCC Crew, which was detained in Nigeria, after 9 Months
By Seaandcoast | 07/05/2023
On August 8th, the 300,000 dwt ship landed to the CNOOC-operated Akpo offshore FPSO, which marked the beginning of a string of tragic incidents. The Nigerian Navy ship Gongola approached the HEROIC IDUN while it was waiting. The ship's captain mistook the Gongola for a pirate ship, sent the crew to the citadel, took the war risk insurers' and managers' advise, sent the ship 250 miles offshore, and reported the incident to the IMB.
The HEROIC IDUN was sought to be impounded by Guinean officials on suspicion of oil piracy by Nigerian authorities, who believed it to be escaping from legitimate authority. The ship was kept by Guinean officials until November, when it was turned over to Nigerian authorities. The 26-person crew was accused by Nigerian authorities of conspiring to conduct maritime offences, making false claims to be victims of maritime offences, and trying to illegally transact in crude oil inside the Nigeria Exclusive Economic Zone.
Eight Sri Lankans, sixteen Indians, a Filipino, and the tanker's chief engineer, a Polish national, were among the crew that a Port Harcourt court ordered released on April 28. Owner was required to pay a $11,000 fine. The arrangement also includes an additional payment in the millions of dollars and the acceptance of a maritime offence by the ship.