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ABS and Mencast Partner to Explore 3D Printing for Critical Vessel Components in the Maritime Industry
By Seaandcoast | 03/05/2023
ABS, a leading American classification society, and Mencast Marine, a specialist in marine engineering services based in Singapore, have signed a MoU to explore the use of additive manufacturing (AM) for critical components on vessels. The agreement was signed during the Singapore Maritime Week and outlines the development of innovative solutions for sustainability through AM, with a focus on design, manufacturing, testing, and qualification of marine components. 
ABS has recently published its Requirements for Additive Manufacturing publication, which defines the approval and certification process for AM facilities and parts, and will play a key role in ensuring that the parts are produced to ABS requirements and international standards. Mencast, on the other hand, will aim to validate and qualify novel AM processes and products that will be developed as part of this partnership. 
The partnership is a significant step forward in the adoption of AM technology in the maritime industry, which has the potential to revolutionize the supply chain and maintenance procedures while also boosting sustainability efforts. The partnership will also explore the role of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the AM process. 
ABS and Mencast are committed to driving innovation without compromising safety, and both companies see the potential for AM to play a vital role in the emerging regional and global green ecosystems. The partnership will accelerate the adoption of AM technology, promote sustainable practices in the maritime sector, and may lead to further joint projects between the two companies. 
In a statement, Gareth Burton, ABS Vice President of Technology, said, "AM technologies have a huge potential to revolutionize supply chain and maintenance procedures both in maritime and beyond, and ABS is committed to supporting these innovations without compromising safety. Singapore is a critical location of the emerging regional and global green ecosystems, of which Additive Manufacturing is certain to play a role." 
Meanwhile, Glenndle Sim, Executive Chairman and CEO of Mencast Holdings, said, "Pushing transformation boundaries through innovation is always part of Mencast's DNA. Our strategy is to position ourselves on advanced new technologies to support our decarbonization and sustainability journey. We foresee additive manufacturing (AM) will be the pillar for our sustainable growth."