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USS Nimitz Racks Up 350,000th Landing
By Sea and Coast | 27/04/2023
The commanding officer of the USS Nimitz tête-à-tête carried out the supercarrier's 350,000 th wharf on Saturday, which set a newU.S. Navy carrier service record. 
Cmdr. Craig Sicola and the commanding officer of Nimitz On April 22, Luke Edwards, commanding officer of Strike Fighter Squadron VFA 22, flew the Super Hornet during the wharf. The CO's choice to lead the memorable flight himself had a element of balanceCapt. Nimitz made the first arrested wharf on Nimitz in 1975. Her first commanding officer was Bryan Compton. 
 This time marks the first- in- class USS Nimitz's 30th deployment and 48th time in service. Her 350,000 th trap, meetly, was set duringU.S. operations in the South China Sea, the frontal line of the fight against Chinese expansionism. Nimitz has experience in conflict zones She shared in the 1979 Iran hostage extremity response over the course of five decades; supported with the thing of the TWA Flight 847 commandeering in Lebanon; given security to Kuwaiti big vehicles during exertion Sincere Will guaranteed the perpetration of a defined air space over Iraq after the primary Bay Conflict; upheld air tasks over Iraq and Afghanistan after September 11; and supported the fight against Islamic State in Iraq with air support. 
 hinderAdm. Christopher Sweeney, who's in charge of Carrier Strike Group 11, said," As we sail through the South China Sea, we celebrate this formerly in a continuance achievement, 350,000 arrested levees, over a hundred times of invention in theU.S. aircraft carrier, and the determination, immolation, and winning spirit of all once and present nonmilitary fliers and our mariners." This corner demonstrates the nation's commitment to fly, passage, and operate worldwide to promote peace and security, as Nimitz has done for 48 times. 
 The long career of the carrier is coming to an end soon. Plans for her decommissioning and defueling, which should begin in 2025- 27, have been initiated by the Navy. A carrier of the Ford class will take her place in service. But for the time being, the boat and her crew are enjoying a well- justified holiday
 In medication for a series of exercises with the Royal Thai Navy, Nimitz made a harborage call on Monday at Laem Chabang, Thailand.