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Thailand Takes Conveyance of Chinese-Constructed Amphib.
By Sea and Coast | 27/04/2023
The first of a series of vessels that the Royal Thai Navy has ordered from China's bustling naval shipyards has been delivered to the navy. The amphib was built in China.
A 210-meter amphibious assault ship with a 25,000-ton displacement, the newly delivered HTMS Chang It has sufficient limit with regards to 600 soldiers, in addition to a group supplement of 200.
According to Thai public broadcaster PBS, the warship was delivered without weapons systems or radar, which will be purchased and installed separately. In the meantime, HTMS Chang already excels in sealift and disaster relief roles.
The Hudong Zhonghua shipyard of China State Shipbuilding Corporation was selected by the Royal Thai Navy to construct the HTMS Chang. The vessel depends on CSSC's Sort 071 amphib configuration, worked for China's PLA Naval force. There are enclosed hangars for two helicopters in the class, and there is enough space on the cargo deck for sixty armored vehicles. Additionally, it has a well-deck that can accommodate two landing craft or LCACs.
The Royal Thai Navy says that HTMS Chang will also serve as a tender for submarines. China and Thailand are discussing the purchase of one diesel-electric submarine; A singular issue with the supply chain has caused the project to be delayed. The developer consented to convey Thailand a sub with a superior exhibition German diesel motor, yet this motor can't be delivered to the Chinese shipyard due to EU military commodity controls.
Thai procurement officials have resisted the possibility of substituting a Chinese engine, which is currently being discussed between the two parties. General Prayut Chan-O-Cha, the Thai prime minister, has spoken directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the contract dispute, which has risen to the top of China and Thailand's diplomatic concerns. 
While the United States of America is a treaty ally of Thailand, it has also been a long-time customer of Chinese arms manufacturers. A significant portion of its maritime vessels were implicit Chinese yards, including six of its eight frigates.