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The Kodiak Enterprise has lost its fuel and water, but the ship's fate is unknown.
By Sea and Coast | 25/04/2023
The original response is effectively complete now that theU.S. Coast Guard has removed the unified command for the fire on the plant giller Kodiak Enterprise. 
 On April 8, a fire broke out aboard the giller Kodiak Enterprise at the Trident wharf in Tacoma. The Tacoma Fire Department transferred a number of fire machines to the scene. Askers applied cooling water to the surface as the fire burned through, abandoning an earlier attempt to fight the blaze with an onboard fire platoon. 
 The maturity of the ignitable accoutrements on board were destroyed within four days, according to Tacoma Fire. Firefighters reboarded the boat after the blaze had subsided in order to exclude the remaining hotspots. 
 A dive examination verified that the boat's housing integrity was complete below the waterline, despite the fact that the vessel took on a list during the response due to the accumulation of firefighting water. As a precautionary measure, the boat's inputs were sealed from the outside. 
 In order to maintain stability, lookouts boarded the vessel last week and alternated between pumping out energy and releasing pockets of water. During the defueling procedures, no energy tumbles or sheening were observed, and the vessel successfully removed all remaining diesel. The Coast Guard has halted the response command as the threat of pollution has dropped. 
 said," This was a parlous operation that could have redounded in loss of life, damage to the marine terrain from the energy onboard, or the vessel capsize." The incident commander for the Coast Guard is Kira Moody. I unfeignedly thank Tacoma Fire and Resolve Marine for their backing, and I do so on behalf of the Unified Command. This response was successful due to their harmonious and professional approach. 
 The fortune of the Kodiak Endeavor has not yet been chosen, as per the Coast Watchman. The fire consumed a significant portion of the vessel, including the installations block and the wheelhouse. 
 In the once two times, a Trident Seafoods fishing vessel has endured two fires, the most recent being the Kodiak Enterprise. During routine conservation in Tacoma, the Trident fish processor Aleutian Falcon caught fire in February 2021. The Falcon was declared a total loss due to the expansive damage. 
 According to Trident Seafoods CEO Joe Bundrant," This has been an extremely grueling time, and we're thankful for the support and collaboration of all the agencies and parties in fighting the fire." We're also thankful to the Tacoma community for their tolerance during the incident response. The Trident family, and especially her crew, view the Kodiak Enterprise as further than just a fishing vessel.