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Russian Frigate Followed by Royal Navy Between English Channel and North Sea.
By Sea and Coast | 16/03/2023
The Russian warship Admiral Kasatonov and her auxiliary tanker, Akademik Pashin, are being followed by the Royal Navy frigate HMS Portland, which sailed from Plymouth this week. On Sunday morning, Portland sailed alongside the Russian ships as they crossed across the English Channel and started heading towards the North Sea. Portland first encountered the Russian ships as they were transiting north from Bay of Biscay.
From the beginning of 2022, the Admiral Kasatonov, a member of Russia's Northern Fleet, has been engaged in operations in the eastern Mediterranean. The continuous invasion of Ukraine is supported by Russia's continued presence in the region. Later in the year, Akademik Pashin travelled to the area.
The NATO warships accompanied the Russian vessels as they travelled through Strait of Gibraltar the week before.
Portland has been providing updates on the Russian ships' movements as they enter the North Sea.
According to CO Captain Ed Moss-Ward, "The Royal Navy consistently responds to requests to supervise warships in our maritime borders and the nearby sea areas to guarantee adherence with maritime law and to discourage criminal activities. The Royal Navy and the NATO alliance's dedication to preserving maritime security, which is essential to advancing our national interests, is demonstrated by their participation in guiding the Russian taskforce alongside allies.
The Bosporus is currently closed to military traffic due to Turkey, however the Russian Navy has been engaged in the Mediterranean. Since the start of the invasion, a NATO task force (consisting of up to three warships at a time) has been operating in the area, and its movements have been closely scrutinised by Russian forces. Recently, the Russian Navy also sent a small task group to South Africa for joint operations with the PLA Navy of China.