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Philippines passes law to  help exploitation of  mariners 
By Sea and Coast | 13/03/2023
This Thursday, the Philippines' House of Representatives passed a new bill that aims to  insure the interests and  objects of Filipino  mariners with a resounding  maturity. In the event of maritime mishaps, pandemics or afflictions, or other environmental or man- made disasters,  mariners are  defended under the  enactment known as the Magna Carta of Filipino mariners before, throughout, and after employment.   
 The difficulties the Philippines faced during the epidemic, when  multitudinous  hearties  set up themselves trapped at  ocean,  urged the creation of the new law. Yet it also occurs at a moment when the Philippines is under pressure to raise the  norms for training and  weal of its  mariners. The European Maritime Safety Agency reported  colorful training  excrescencies to the European Commission, and there were rumours that the EU was considering  proscribing the employment of Filipino  mariners in the future unless the problems were fi