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Experts emphasize stringent cyber laws and AI for combating cybercrime at cyber warfare conference
By Sea and Coast | 03/03/2023
Recently, a Cyber Warfare Contours and Concepts Conference on Cyber Security was held, which was attended by prominent personalities from the field of cyber security. The conference aimed to discuss the latest trends and strategies for combatting cybercrime and enhancing national security.
The event was inaugurated by the honorable Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri Nityanand Rai, who highlighted the importance of cyber security in the modern digital age. He emphasized the need for strict cyber laws to protect citizens from cyber attacks and prevent cybercrime.
Several other distinguished guests shared their insights during the conference, including Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya, Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta, His Excellency Freddy Svane, Dr. Anup K Mudgal, Lt. General (Retd.) Dr. Rajesh Pant, and Shri Khushhal Kaushik. They discussed various aspects of cyber warfare and the critical role it plays in national security.
Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta noted that cyberattacks could be a crucial component of future conflicts, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning could make cyber operations even more potent. His Excellency Freddy Svane and Dr. Anup K Mudgal emphasized the importance of trust and cooperation between nations to combat cybercrime in the digital world. Lt. General (Retd.) Dr. Rajesh Pant discussed the need for a national cyber security strategy, distinguishing between national sovereign cyberspace and national cyberspace, and the challenges posed by lack of attribution, international laws, and geopolitical driven pathways.
Shri Khushhal Kaushik stressed the importance of awareness of cybercrime and the dangers posed by script kiddies using Chinese applications to extort money and manipulate data. He highlighted the ban on such applications by the government of India and the need to develop and adopt indigenously a powerful strategy such as the Zero Trust Architecture to prevent cyber warfare and crimes.
The conference concluded with General (Retd.) A.S. Lamba's vote of thanks, who warned the audience about the potential risks of transferring data unknowingly and advised the need for a national cyber security strategy, along with technological and organizational enhancements to enhance cyber warfare capabilities. Dr. S.K. Verma highlighted the need for enhancing cyber warfare capabilities for cyber offense, cyber defense, cyber deterrence, or a combination of these, while developing a national cyber security strategy.
In summary, the Cyber Warfare Contours and Concepts Conference on Cyber Security provided valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies for enhancing national security in the digital world. The conference highlighted the importance of strict cyber laws, trust and cooperation between nations, and awareness of cybercrime, among other critical aspects of cyber warfare.