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US ports to invest $50bn in green infrastructure with hydrogen as key component: AAPA survey
By Sea and Coast | 01/03/2023
According to a recent survey by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), U.S. ports are set to invest approximately $50 billion in green infrastructure over the next decade. The AAPA survey shows that electric cargo handling equipment, shore power for vessels at berth, electric grid infrastructure, and hydrogen energy infrastructure are the ports' primary areas of interest. Alternative fuels such as hydrogen, LNG, and ammonia are being considered for use in serving vessels, with 58% of the survey respondents studying such projects. 83% of port authorities are facing difficulties in sourcing equipment and materials for green infrastructure from U.S. manufacturers.
The ports need funding for these projects, which the Inflation Reduction Act has earmarked for them through Grants to Reduce Air Pollution at Ports, valued at $3 billion. The act will aid the ports in purchasing and installing zero-emission equipment and technology. There is also $1 billion available for the replacement of heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission alternatives.
The Port of Corpus Christi is working towards becoming a green hydrogen hub, with several projects underway to make this a reality. The port's Horizons Clean Hydrogen Hub (HCH2) has teamed up with Trans Permian's H2Hub to submit a single application through the US DOE Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program. The proposed hub will have dozens of separate clean hydrogen production projects, including mobility projects such as hydrogen fuel cell bus manufacturing, hydrogen refueling stations, municipal transit projects, and freight mobility projects.
These investments in U.S. ports' green infrastructure are critical in reducing emissions and aiding the industry's transition towards sustainability.