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Bangladesh counts on Russia as a "good friend", despite forced return of ships
By Sea and Coast | 27/02/2023
Bangladesh believes that it's refusal to allow the Russian ship to dock at its ports will not hinder its bilateral relations with the country. This comes at a time when Russia has summoned Bangladesh's ambassador to express its disappointment over Dhaka's decision. 
At the same time, Bangladesh emphasized that the two countries cooperate in many ways and one thing will not weaken their spirit. 
Spokesperson of, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Seheli Sabrin, reiterated this on Thursday when he emphasized the role of Russia in the liberation of Bangladesh and said that Russia is their long-time friend. 
She further explained that the shipping ban was more than a month old, while the summons of the Bangladeshi ambassador was only on 21 February. She also emphasized that Bangladesh is a trade-dependent country that maintains friendly relations with all countries. 
Later, the Bangladesh government asked its ambassador in Moscow to send a detailed report on the discussion. Russian media emphasize that the Russian foreign minister drew the ambassador's attention to the sanctioned ship incident, noting that it is incompatible with their bilateral relations. 
At the same time, the Russian embassy published a list of 69 sanctioned Russian ships banned from Bangladesh ports, which does not mean that Bangladesh will directly refuse Russian goods. 
The Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that Dhaka's decision was made under the pressure of the United States. Earlier in January, Bangladesh informed Russia that it should not send goods, through their embargoed ships.