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Concordia Damen completes the hull of the world's first inland hydrogen vessel for Lenten Scheepvaart
By Sea and Coast | 25/02/2023
The world's first inland hydrogen vessel has arrived in Rotterdam, marking a major milestone in the transition towards sustainable and zero-emission shipping. The hull of the vessel, named "Antonie," was transported from China on the heavy-lift vessel "Sun Shine" and will undergo finishing touches at Concordia Damen's Werkendam facility in the Netherlands.
The Antonie is a 135-metre-long vessel with a cargo capacity of 3,700 tons, and is equipped with a revolutionary fuel cell propulsion system. It was constructed by Dutch shipyard Concordia Damen for Lenten Scheepvaart, a Dutch inland shipping company. The vessel will transport salt for Nouryon, a global chemical supplier, from its salt factory in Delfzijl to the Botlek in the Port of Rotterdam.
The development of the Antonie is part of the Netherlands' push towards greener inland shipping, which has received a EUR 4 million subsidy from the Dutch Governmental Department of Infrastructure and Water Management. The subsidy aims to support the use of hydrogen as a fuel and promote the transition towards zero-emissions inland shipping.
Concordia Damen CEO Chris Kornet emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability in the shipping industry, saying, "Greening the inland shipping sector is something which we feel passionate about and we will continue to work towards this goal."
The vessel and its operation will also benefit from the subsidised hydrogen bunker station in Delfzijl, which will support the refuelling of the Antonie and other hydrogen-powered vessels.
This milestone development demonstrates the increasing feasibility and commercial viability of hydrogen as a fuel source for the shipping industry, and serves as an inspiration for further innovation and investment in sustainable shipping solutions. As the industry works towards a more sustainable future, the Antonie is a promising example of the progress that can be made in reducing emissions and advancing towards a carbon-neutral future.