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Methane Gas Leak on Container Ship FESCO TATARSTAN in Korsakov Port, Russia, Triggers Emergency Response
By Sea and Coast | 25/02/2023
On February 25, the emergency services in Korsakov port, Sakhalin, Russia were notified of a methane gas leak on the container ship FESCO TATARSTAN, which had been berthed at the port since February 22. The leak was reported to have originated from a faulty valve of a 20-ton flexitank, which was stored on the upper deck and surrounded by empty containers. Due to the wind blowing in the sea direction, there was no immediate danger to the local residents. The 17 crew members were evacuated as a precautionary measure.
The authorities are yet to try to offload the leaking flexitank as it is too risky. A specialized team and equipment are being awaited to manage the situation. The container ship has a deadweight of 8205 and a capacity of 698 TEU. It was built in 2008 and flies the Russian flag, managed by FESCO.
The leak of methane gas on the container ship FESCO TATARSTAN could have severe environmental consequences if not dealt with properly. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that has a much higher warming potential than carbon dioxide, and leaks from vessels can cause significant harm to marine life and the ecosystem. Therefore, it is crucial to contain and manage the situation quickly to minimize the damage.
The incident highlights the importance of having proper safety protocols and procedures in place to prevent and manage emergencies such as gas leaks on board vessels. Shipping companies need to ensure that their crew members are adequately trained and equipped to handle such situations and have the necessary equipment and resources readily available to deal with them.