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Maersk Unifies Brands to Simplify Logistics and Enhance Customer Experience
By Sea and Coast | 29/01/2023
Maersk, the world's largest container shipping company, announced plans to integrate all its brands under a single unified brand, in order to provide customers with truly integrated logistics. The move will see shipping lines Hamburg Süd and SeaLand, as well as newer acquired brands like Senator and LF Logistics, discontinued and integrated into the Maersk brand. The company stated that this move aims to ease logistical difficulties and offer more variety, ease, and connectivity for customers under one roof.
This change will simplify the customer experience and make it easier for them to access Maersk's full range of services, allowing them to benefit from the company's global reach and expertise. The company also noted that each brand in different geographies is expected to follow its own tailored timeline to transition towards the single brand.
While the company is moving towards a unified brand, it is worth to note that some of the company's subsidiaries like APM Terminals, Maersk Container Industry (MCI), Svitzer, Maersk Supply Service (MSS), Maersk Training, and Maersk Line Limited (MLL) will continue to operate under their existing brand names. This will allow them to retain their unique identities and continue to serve specific customer groups and markets.
Maersk emphasized that this decision is not a cost-cutting exercise, this move is aimed at improving the customer experience and simplifying the company's portfolio, thereby making it easier for customers to access the company's full range of services. Hamburg Süd was established in 1871 and became part of Maersk in 2017 and SeaLand was bought by Maersk in 1999. SeaLand brand was already abandoned once in 2006 only to return in 2014, but now it will be discontinued again.