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By Sea and Coast | 10/03/2021
Music is seen as the most universal art forms. It’s a whole language in itself. One is bound to feel incomplete without the taste of music in his life. It is considered to be one of the most expressive tools that can portray a person’s psychological mood, the attitude and nature.
Seafarers have always found music as a source of pleasure and relaxation to gather a change of mind. The reason music was so important in the past is that it helped the crew keep time during tasks like hauling lines, swabbing the deck, mending the sails or repairs to the mast or yardarm. It made the day fly by faster. Even now the seafarers affirm that music helps them in ways they never thought it could. A person’s mind on board a vessel goes through a roller coaster of emotions. The flow of rhythm helps to soothe their soul and bring tranquility along with the ease of emotions. It distracts them from negative thoughts and brings in positivity.
According to the famous English dramatist and poet William Congreve,“Music has charms to soothe the savage beast.” This happens to be true in every sense as musical therapy has now become a healthcare profession that has touched many lives with soothing sounds and rhythms, and has been through research to effectively treat the symptoms of everything from schizophrenia to PTSD.
Everybody understands it and it is easily available. Two people who can’t communicate can both enjoy listening to the same song. Scientists claim that listening to music can improve one’s emotional situation and that one lives longer when he listens to his favourite songs. All in all, music knows no boundaries and can benefit us in unimaginable ways. 
So, start that song of yours and delve deep into it!
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