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Work-from-home routine: What shoulder and neck pain could indicate?
By Sea and Coast | 04/03/2021
For a long time now many people have been working remotely.When the lockdown started everyone thought that they don't have to work as hard as they were working in their offices but that really wasn't the case as it does not provide a proper working environment to them.People are realizing that they lack the compatiblity and the disciline that the office cubicles and desk provide.Due to this a large no. Of cases are coming ahead of neck,shoulder and spine pain,which may be due to their lousey posture.
Well when these cases came on a regular basis during this lockdown the doctors advised to have a good posture while sitting with chair and desk the back must be straight,ensure good bone health,and regular exercises for the neck would let go the pain. 
Dr.Agarwal says "The trapezius is a large paired surface muscle that extends longitudinally. When strained, it may sideline a person for a few weeks. A more serious muscle tear could limit the use of a shoulder or arm for months. Since it can be quite painful, one should seek expert advice before the pain moves to the arms/hands/fingers, along with tingling.
The first is not to ignore the pain because it may lead to a permanent damage and the muscles  may be weakened .This happens because of cervical disc prolapse which puts pressure on nerves and can even impact the spinal cord.
Tips to reduce the neck pain:
1.Maintain an adequate level of vitamin D and calcium.
2.Maintain a proper vision.
3.Maintain good ergonomics(how humans interact with manmade objects).
Tips to reduce Shoulder pain:
1.Push-ups against the wall are quite helpful for the maintenance of the muscles around the shoulder.
2.Focus on the shoulder blades and strengthen the muscles around shoulder blades with basic exercises like shrugs (upwards) and shoulder blade squeezes (pulling the shoulder blades backwards)
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