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Men and mental health: Why 'man up' is not the answer
By Sea and Coast | 03/03/2021
Lot of people are suffering from mental issues ranging from social anxiety, OCD to more menacing depression, schizophrenia and others. People around the globe are talking about mental health but many still don't have the courage to reach out to others and ask for help. And this even harder combat for men who are said to 'MAN-UP' everytime when they are seen sensitive as our society is considered to be man dominant, they have to act strong irrespective of the ongoing scenario. 
Around 39percent people feel that men are not comfortable talking about their mental health issues, so they don't  appear weak and vulnerable in front of others. It is interesting to know that 52% people feel that men are mostly affected by financial issues, work load, relationship and merely focusing on their health. 
This can be solved by marriage as they get a companion and a friend that boost mental health and reduces anxiety level. Although marital strife, separation and death of the spouse disturbs the function of marriage. 
The most appropriate way is to accept the reality and not to disappear from it. There is no such male health condition or solution available, but there are certain stuffs that are found more common in men than women such as risk-taking, lack of self control, anger issues and aggression. 
Friends and family should gravitate to undermine the importance of taking mental illness sensitively and society should adapt and stop treating mental health as mental disease.
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