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Manoj Yadav India is the country of having 7517 km long and wide sea coast. Alongside the east coast and the west coast of India there are 12 major and 187 minor ports
By Sea and Coast | 17/08/2018

Among these 12 major ports Mumbai plays an important role, though it has recently lost its past glory due to some reasons, the importance of Mumbai will remain intact if there is something done in the interest of workers.

History: Mumbai is a natural harbour. Due to this, many rulers in history ruled Mumbai. The Portuguese arrived Mumbai during 16th century. They ruled Mumbai. As we know it better that Mumbai was offered to the English prince Charles II as the dowry gift at the time of his marriage to the Portuguese princess Catherine Braganza on 21st May 1662. And thus Mumbai came under British control. Mumbai is made of seven islands lying in the Arabian Sea. During the formation of Mumbai under British rule, the seven islands were joined to each other by reclaiming the creeks and the marshlands between these islands and modern Mumbai came into being.

 As far as the Mumbai Port Trust is concerned, it was established on 26th June 1873. Colonel J.A. was the founding chairman of Mumbai Port Trust. Since then Mumbai Port Trust has remained a trust.

Present Scenario: As the trust Mumbai Port Trust which is administered by the trustees appointed by the Government of India. Of these trustees, two are appointed through workers unions as the representatives of the workers.

As far as the trade and transport is concerned Mumbai Port is one of the most important ports of India. As the other major ports also play their role, Mumbai port has its unique place in a specific manner that is, Mumbai as the centre of world trade.

The administration of Mumbai Port Trust administered as per the Indian Port Act 1908 and Major Port Act 1963. The main functions Mumbai Port as like other ports are, handling, loading, the cargo vessels for export and unloading the cargo brought by import.

Mumbai Port Trust have to undertake several ancillary functions, dredging, maintenance of navigational channels, pilotage berthing, buoying, bunkering, dry docking including chipping and painting maintenance of light house facilities, freight forwarding etc. Mumbai Port trust also maintain hospitals, schools /college and guest houses and such many other works The numbers of work force appears to be on high side when compared with the other International ports. After 1990, International trade developed on large scale .Trade and Transport activities were carried out through huge vessels .No doubt that Mumbai is a natural harbour. But due to course of time it was not developed furthermore. Consequently Due to under development of Mumbai Port It lost its past glory in the field of trade and transport. Very recently, we see that the importance of Mumbai Port is lagging behind .Under such circumstances. In The Interest of Workers. There are some new projects have been launched in which we expect some hopes from them. From the point of welfare of Mumbai Port Trust employees as there will be something done in a proper way. We hope that the existing facilities provided to the employees of Mumbai Port Trust and the pensioners must continue as before. As they have taken lot of efforts in the formation Mumbai Port by offering their service.     

There is approximately 1930 acres land owned by Mumbai port trust, and the on-going projects which are being installed and some other forth coming projects to be introduced on the land of Mumbai port trust. We suggest that It is also possible to make the accommodation available for the Mumbai Port Trust employees and the pensioners as there have been left only 8000 employees and 34000 pensioners who are not able to afford the enormously growing prices of the houses in Mumbai and thus they must be treated as the beneficiaries of the some portion of land belonging to they have served Mumbai Port Trust therefore, There is nothing wrong to make such demand as the mill workers of Mumbai who were allotted some accommodations on the vacant land of the ceased Mills. The employees of Mumbai Port Trust along with pensioners will remain grateful to Mumbai Port Trust if they are treated as the beneficiaries of the Mumbai Port Trust land.