NO: DELENG / 2017 / 70663
Help at distance for Crew of abandoned Merchant Ship
Team Sea and Coast | 15/01/2019

UAE Coast Guards took ship’s original documents as well as all crew’s original passport and seaman book with them leaving the crew without any legal identity in foreign waters, 8 out of the 10 crew members are Indian. Crew members haven’t been paid salary for last 12 Month which has left even their families struggling as per Captain Ayyappan Swaminathan.

The Crew has been managing provisions and supplies and power supply with 8 hours blackout in hot climatic condition off the coast of UAE. The crew has also written to various regulatory agencies and Seafarer’s Unions as well. Federal Transport Authority of UAE has also filed the case against ship owners as per Captain Ayyappan. This has given some relief to them in the form of providing supplies and provision with which they can manage only for a month. In their email to us they have even greater sufferings where one crew member is not able attend his father’s funeral.

The crew has cried from various regulatory agencies and Seamen’s Unions for help but till now help seem at distance for them.

Sea and Coast has also sent an email to Federal Transport Authority seeking details of the reported incident on December 30th 2018 with no response from them.