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Swiss-based Daphne Technology planning to sell its equity in crowdfunding
By Sea and Coast | 17/05/2021

Swiss-based Daphne Technology, a start-up focused on the reduction of vessel emissions, now seeks to move ahead with the commercialisation of its patented exhaust gas purification technologies.

To achieve this goal, the company announced it has partnered with Crowdcube, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, to offer investments to the public.

Daphne Technology has already raised EUR 8M, including funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, as well as other sources. Following the completion of the crowdfunding, the company will undertake an additional equity round targeting institutional investors.

This start-up is all about providing the ideal solution for vessels working on LNG fuel just as customary hefty powers and distillates. Their multi-pollutant decrease innovation is considerably more compelling in diminishing both air-and ocean contamination in contrast with other accessible single-toxin advances on the lookout. It will likewise be the best answer for a non-fossil multi-fuel future with other future fills, like alkali and hydrogen.

Daphne Technology's widespread green converter is simple, quick and economical to introduce. The temperature is autonomous and adaptable, proportioned to the size of the vessel's motor. We can retrofit the converter onto your current vessels or carry it into the boat plan for newbuilds.

Daphne Technology owns patents that build on proven technologies, including Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) and Electron Beam Flue Gas Treatment (EBFGT), which remove a range pollutants from engine and boiler exhaust gases. The company has also involved several pilot projects in Norway which use ammonia as a fuel, plus carbon capture and storage. Hydrogen combustion systems are also being evaluated.

Dr Mario Michan, Founder & CEO Daphne Technology, said: “Daphne Technology is currently pursuing its second equity round to pilot test our solutions with leading shipowners. For individuals who care about the environment and good returns, even a small investment in our company will make a big difference.”

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