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Team Sea and Coast | 03/04/2021
The blockage of Suez canal by Evergiven ship has caused series of discussions on alternative routes between Asia and Europe. One of them is the Northern Sea Route (NSR), which passes through the Russian Arctic Which has  interested lot of enthusiasts in Recent years as it remains ice free in summer months. MSC in this case has reaffirmed its response to this situation.
With the advent of Yamal LNG project in North Russia, the large icebreaking energy carriers has he started regular voyages in the northern see route . But the vessels sweeping down the ocean in North Sea are much smaller than 20,000 TEU Capacity vessels which is  the most popular choice in Asia-Europe trade.
Being the second largest container line in the world, MSC has declared that, the company doesn’t seeks cutting out the melting ice of Arctic to find profit. Soren Toft, CEO of MSC  remarked that it is the company’s commitment to put the preservation of Arctic environment ahead of profit. he also urged other companies to adopt the same measure. 
Bud Darr, Executive Vice President Maritime Policy & Government Affairs at MSC Group also remarked that This option seems like an ‘ignorant ambition of 18th century Explorer’. He also added that this would worsen the impact of shipping on the climate change.
The concerns shown by MSC Is correct as the more use of nsr would increase black carbon emissions in the ecologically sensitive region of Arctic. Further the danger of fuel spills increases the issue of extinction of flora and fauna in that region.
For the records, MSC is not the only company to show its concern to the issue, CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd has also shown the same concern.
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