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Zycraft develops unmanned fireboats
Team Sea and Coast | 03/04/2021
With the ongoing advancements in the autonomous shipping, Singapore-based Company Zycraft has raised the bar by announcing their developed unmanned fireboats. The company strongly believes that this would help and optimise the command and control of fire fighting over a large area. This unmanned fire boat can provide service 24/7 in the seas and as well as in the area proximity to the water since a large population for Singapore along with the industries are in proximity to the water. 
James Soon, General Manager of Zycraft Strongly believes that the unmanned fireboard developed by Zycraft will revolutionise the waterborne firefighting. This will be done by providing services at lower operating costs and also keeping the crew away from the frontline dangers of fire. The company has declared that the vessel is approximately 26 feet in length and has completed the phase 2 of engineering development. 
The phase one trials started in 2019 then the system was installed on a 56 foot long runner USV for test. Zycraft proved its Excellence in remote control fire fighting by successfully navigating it's way to a simulated boat at sea and shooting water at the rate of 60 cubic metres per hour to a range of 35 metres. 
According to the company the operation in phase one trial was fully automated and the Electro-optic system of USV provided the facility to synchronise the water jet landing point at the simulated boat on fire. Using the high quality picture of the prevailing situation the shore control can also decide when to commence the operation.
According to the company the new 26 feet fireboat will have over 200 feet in reach. The fire pump will provide 1500 gpm flow at 100 psi pressure. The maximum speed of the boat will be 35 knots and the fire boat will be precise in its operation with the help of drop down thrusters. At the moment it is going through some final tests before it’s final unveiling towards the global customers.
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