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Does dancing really speed up weight loss?
By Sea and Coast | 04/03/2021
Dancing is probably loved by everyone. So what if it reduces our weight from the next party we attend? 
Studies have provide that those who live and enjoy dancing to EDM(Electronic Dance Music) are staying fit and successful in keeping unwanted inches off their waist away. 
There is no surprise to it, as dancing is one of the healthiest and easiest form of exercises that can be adopted in our lifestyle. Experts, over the past years, found that dancing improves brain co-ordination and maintains a healthy heart rate, lungs are in prime condition and lowers blood pressure as we tap our feet to rhythms, flex around and strengthen bones. 
A study was conducted by a health-tech company to analyze the moving patterns of attendees at a dance festival. It was observed that heart rates were highest among those who listened to EDM going up to as much as 121 BPM. Additionally they calculated the number of calories by the use of tracking technology, that one can burn. And it turned out that 2.5 hours of dancing to EDM beats help to sweat a lot, burning 300-400 calories. 
However, if an individual goal is to burn calories and lose weight faster, they should include a regular physical activity and prioritize  cardio movements in dance routine.
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