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Does size matter in shipping information?
Team Sea and Coast | 15/07/2020

The shipping world currently with all the technological advancements is in the middle of an information revolution, with enormous amounts of data - some useful, some not and everything being made available.

A new effort was made by the accounting firm Moore Greece, a leading consultancy serving shipping clients and accounting company to bring fresh benchmarks using anonymized company financial data into existence, according to a recent webinar produced by Capital Link.

That data presented to webinar viewers pointed out that in both wet and dry sectors that crewing costs, and “administration” costs, expressed in $ per day, per vessel, increase as size of the fleet increases,  though other costs, such as insurance and benefit from economies of scale.

There is a significant focus placed on algorithmic approaches to forecasting shipping markets, this endeavour is not about foretelling the markets’ behaviours but rather it is about paying attention at actual operating revenue and cost accounting metrics across a broad swathe of companies, permitting for observation of trends.

The Moore Maritime Index (MMI) project (seeking additional data contributors, who would in return gain access to an advance suite of analytical capabilities) has already unveiled information that does not comport with the “conventional wisdom”  expressed in  gossip and hearsay) of “bigger is better.”