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Petrobras reduces the cost to half of post-salt well construction
Team Sea and Coast | 15/07/2020

 Brazilian gas and oil-company have succeeded in an attempt to half the costs of the post-salt well construction at its Golfinho field offshore Brazil.

On Tuesday Petrobras said that it had finished the construction of the 7 GLF 49H ESS offshore well in half the time earlier required for such an operation.

The Golfinho field is located in the Espírito Santo Basin 100 km from Vitória.

This was the first and one of its kind post-salt well built with the application of the True One Trip Ultra Slender (TOTUS) concept, according to Petrobras.

The concept comprises of simplifying and decreasing the time consumed in the drilling and completion stages, based on optimizations and innovations put in the design and planning phases.

The use of TOTUS permitted the completion of this first well in only 44 days as compared to the historical average of the field of 96 days which led to a cost reduction of approximately 50 per cent, tantamount to $30 million.

Petrobras from 2021 to 2025 can apply this new concept in its new wells, in several mature fields in the post-salt with a possibility of cost reduction between $20 – 35 million per well.

The concept comprises of drilling the well in only 3 phases (Ultra Slender) and the completion installed in a single manoeuvre (True One Trip), different from traditional configurations (4 or 5 drilling phases and 2 or more manoeuvres to install the completion).

The TOTUS concept, patented and developed by Petrobras, is part of the company’s endeavour to find technological solutions that aspires to decrease costs in its activities in a free from risk and efficient way.