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Vattenfall seeks permit changes for two Swedish offshore wind projects
Team Sea and Coast | 14/07/2020

Vattenfall is getting ready to apply for license changes identified with the StoraMiddelgrund seaward wind venture in Sweden, obtained from Universal Wind in the spring of a year ago.

The StoraMiddelgrund venture has a grant from 2008 which incorporates the development of 108 8 MW turbines that are 200 meters tall and which must be introduced by 1 September 2020 around 40 kilometers west of Halmstad.

Vattenfall now intends to apply for the modification of the current license so as to introduce up to 75 turbines that are 290m tall, just as solicitation an expansion of the development cutoff time.

Work is additionally in progress for an application for a Natura 2000 grant, which requires various ecological effect studies to be led.

The all out speculation cost is evaluated at around SEK 20 billion (around EUR 1.9 billion) for the whole wind ranch, including establishments and associations with the Swedish power framework.

The arrangement is to get every single noteworthy license by 2023, complete geotechnical reviews in 2022-2023, and introduce and commission the breeze ranch in 2026.

Kriegers Flak

Moreover, Vattenfall has presented an application to the Swedish government to decrease the quantity of turbines at the Kriegers Flak seaward wind extend and expand the development cutoff time until 2027, from the at first set October 2018.

The administration reported that the alteration application is finished and the ideal opportunity for remarks has shut.

In the following not many years, the Swedish organization will work to acquire the rest of the licenses. Task obtainment could occur in 2023–2024 and establishment in 2025–2027, dependant on theadvancement of the licenses.