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Decarbonisation a top priority for shipping executives
Team Sea and Coast | 08/07/2020

Decarbonisation remains a top priority for 95% of shipping executives in a survey by Shell and Deloitte Despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 82 senior shipping executives from 22 countries were interviewed for a new report “Decarbonising Shipping: All Hands on Deck” published by Shell together with Deloitte Netherlands and Deloitte UK.

"While shipping leaders are rightly focused on the current challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, our research shows that they still have their sights on the horizon and identify decarbonising shipping as a top priority”, Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President Shell Shipping & Maritime quoted.

After the interviews were completed around 95% of the executives interviewed saw decarbonisation as a top three priority and over 80% felt its importance had gained significantly over the last year and a half. Customer and market demand was seen as important factor in driving decarbonisation by 85% of those surveyed.

Grahaeme Henderson quoted, “The research identified the barriers the industry faces, solutions that will drive progress, and how we can work help accelerate change. We want to catalyse progress towards a net-zero emissions shipping industry and working together will be crucial to implementing these solutions”.

Over the course of next two to three years Five priority solutions were identified for implementation to speed up the process. These are the measures : global regulatory alignment; scale up customer demand; scale up controlled pilot projects; cross-sector R&D; and coordinated industry commitment.

Tarek Helmi, partner, Deloitte Netherlands, quoted, “The insights from the research give us a comprehensive roadmap to unlock decarbonisation by identifying who needs to do what, and when to drive change.”